What's in a name?

Redhill Town Design gets its name from what is now an iconic song from U2's Joshua Tree album. It's a song of redemption and hope in the midst of life's reality: "We're wounded by fear, injured in doubt.
I can lose myself, You I can't live without. Yeah you keep me holding on in Red Hill Town..."

Growing up, this song and the whole outlook of a band singing about so much more than rock and roll shaped us. Bringing the Redhill name into a creative company means keeping both a sense of drive and inspiration to every project.  

Director Zachry Kincaid has more than 20 years of experience in communications and marketing, much of it in education work. Because he’s worked on small teams, he’s had the privilege to learn a broad range of skills that now help navigate the broad work with Redhill. In addition to design and video, Zachry also works with copy, writing ads, scripts, and branding guides, as well as full-length books, like the two books he edited last summer for HarperOne.


Silver Award for Annual Fund Appeal • CASE National, 2014
Silver Award for Admission Viewbook • CASE National, 2014
Silver Award for Design • CASE National, 2014
Grand Award for Annual Fund Appeal • CASE III, 2013
Award of Excellence for Magazine • CASE III, 2013
Award of Excellence for Magazine Cover • CASE III, 2013
Grand Award for Total Publications Program • CASE III, 2011
Grand Award for Student Recruitment • CASE III, 2011
Grand Award for Alumni Magazine • CASE III, 2011
Grand Award for Film Production • CASE III & CASE National, 2011
Silver Award for Admission Viewbook • CASE National, 2011
Grand Award for Magazine Cover Art • CASE National, 2011
Ranked #8 • University Business’s “50 Best Branding Ideas”, 2008
Specialty Advertising Projects Award • CASE IV, 2005

CASE is the Council for Advancement and Support of Education


Some say clients, but we think it's better to call these fantastic organizations and companies partners because creative work is best done together. 

Alpine Adventures • Mt. Hope, WV
Altar Boys • Santa Ana, CA
Boys and Girls Club • Bethlehem, PA
Biblical Language Center • Fresno, CA
Bridal Silhouette • Falls Church, VA
Buckley School • Los Angeles, CA
Cana Academy • Falls Church, VA
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School • Rockville, MD
Congressional School • Falls Church, VA
Connelly School of the Holy Child • Potomac, MD
Coracle • Quicksburg, VA
Cornelia Connelly High School • Anaheim, CA
Dominion School • Reston, VA
Emery Entertainment • St. Louis, MO
Fredericksburg Academy • Fredericksburg, VA
HarperOne • San Francisco, CA
Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation • Jerusalem, Israel
Lorton Stone • Springfield, VA
Lowell School • Washington, DC
Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School • Washington, DC
Multiply Berlin • Berlin, Germany
My12Tribes • Burke, VA
Sharefaith • Medford, OR
Sonatype • Fulton, MD
Teamwork City of Hope • Ntagacha, Tanzania
The Swain School • Allentown, PA
The Wade Center at Wheaton College • Wheaton, IL
The Woods Academy • Bethesda, MD
US Inventor • Alexandria, VA


Zach ( Read more )

Zach (Read more)